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Flowering, Drought Tolerant, Desert Willow Trees For Sale

If you are interested in finding cheap Desert Willows For Sale, we have all you can handle. The Chilopsis linearis is a member of the Bigonia Family and is also called a Sweet Desert Willow. It is extremely easy to grow and propagation is a cinch. This large deciduous shrub can grow into a small tree with a maximum height of about 30 feet and a maximum width of about 25 feet. It's long dark green narrow leaves are willow-like and it's flowers are fragrant. Without water the blooms are a pink color but with regular watering (2 to 3 times a week) the flowers are lavender colored. The Above images are pictures of Desert Willows, with and without water. They bloom strongest in May through June without water, and with regular watering the flowers keep blooming until late September or the first frost. Though its common name is a desert willow, it is not related to the species. The tree grows wild near the waterways of the Mojave Desert but does well in elevations from 0 to 5000 feet above sea level. Historically it has been used by the Pima Tribe of Native Americans to thatch roofs and for the enjoyment of the cool shade and pleasant fragrance that the tree produces. It does best in the desert and is easy to grow for colorful landscaping and shade where other trees and shrubs will not grow or do poorly.

2 to 3 Foot Desert Willows — $5 Each

Desert Willows For Sale

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